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Videographer & Video Editor - Las Vegas, NV

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Are you a creative and strategic videographer who wants to hang out and record a serial entrepreneur and stock trading expert as he scales his next 8 figure business?

We run a really fast-growing company called Wealth Builders Institute where we help everyday people learn how to trade the stock market and make a full-time income with their trading business. 

At the end of the day though, like Elon Musk said, we’re a group of hard-working and talented people who are working together toward a common goal. 

And our goal is to empower people to achieve financial freedom and live lives on their own terms. 

We work hard and we are insanely informal.

We deliver an awesome product and are doing an amazing job at sales and marketing which has allowed us to grow really fast.

But, because of all the growth, some of us have gotten way too busy… Which is where you come in…


What you’ll be doing…

Short ~Informal~ Version: 

You’ll be a paid stalker to our Chief Content Creator and Founder (Todd Rampe) as he conducts his day-to-day activities of trading the stock market and creating marketing and training for current and future students/customers. You will be tasked with ideating, recording, and producing multiple pieces of content every week. This route could be the fastest self-made path to building a lucrative career. 

Long Version:

You will ideate, record, and edit video content to grow the WBI brand, marketing, and social channels. You need a passion for creative concepts, video production, and generating video content to influence and engage our audience.

You will need to produce and refine ideas alongside the marketing team to churn out several high-quality and engaging videos a week – ensuring the goals are met while proactively addressing and course-correcting when needed.

To be successful, you must go above and beyond to adhere to deadlines. 

This means you must be a fast and effective editor, who can turn quickly turn around finished assets while maintaining an exceptional eye for detail. You will balance creativity with business all while wrangling to get the task at hand completed.

Additionally, you will be asked to provide administrative assistance to the leadership team – providing support with daily tasks, enabling the most effective use of the time. 

You must be a trustworthy person who is very organized, systematic, and objective. You are always one step ahead, on top of your tasks as well as making sure the person she/he is assisting is on track with their projects.

The A-Player here is responsible for filtering daily problems, empowered to act fast and when needed, get the support of her/his leader for bigger issues, presenting not only the problem but also solutions and possible outcomes.

You are a great communicator, able to listen to people’s concerns and provide solutions. You will always need to have the organization’s best interest in mind.

You are a fast learner, always looking for ways to automate/systemize and improve current processes. 


Here's What A Day At Work May Look Like...

  1. ✅ Attend various meetings with the marketing & leadership team and execute various tasks handed to you by the Company President and Head Of Marketing. 
  3. ✅ Work with our Marketing team to brainstorm & produce quality ad concepts and videos.
  5. ✅ Follow a video project from concept to final approval ensuring the integrity of the creative concept is kept in focus throughout.
  7. ✅ Stay in the loop with the latest developments in the field of social media and video editing and be familiar with marketing programs.
  9. ✅ Demonstrate an ability to be innovative and willing to push boundaries with cool designs and concepts.
  11. ✅ Be agile and willing to revise and improve the content on an ongoing basis.
  13. ✅ Engage in creative problem solving and evaluate design performance analytics.

Skills Required:

  1. 🤝 A dynamic, outgoing individual – Willingness to be coached and open to change

  2. 🤝 Proven work experience as a Videographer – you will need a portfolio of quality videos demonstrating your video editing

  3. 🤝 Expert with Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram content creation and building social channels. 

  4. 🤝 Creative Direction and Vision – can take a script and storyboard it out while directing a video shoot. Content writing skills and ability to tell a story 
  6. 🤝 Experience with Adobe Suite (and/or Final Cut Pro) including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, etc.. 
  8. 🤝 Excellent writing and editing skills – taking concepts and turning them into scripts 
  10. 🤝 Marketing Mindset – constantly figuring out ways to engage and build our audience. 
  12. 🤝 Strong Time & Project Management – ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously 
  14. 🤝 Ability To Meet Deadlines – no matter what obstacles present themselves 
  16. 🤝 A2FSO – ability to figure sh** out – Show from the start that you are a problem solver.
  18. 🤝 Work independently, as well as part of a team, to establish project deliverables.

Experience Required

Experience Required:

3 year(s): Video Editing

3 year(s): Videographer

2 year(s): Social Media Management

2 year(s): Coordinating


What’s in it for you?

💰 Massive growth and learning potential – you will be following around, apprenticing and recording a serial entrepreneur. 

You will be a part of a mentor-mentee relationship to learning many intangible skills to advance your career and financial goals.

💰 Flexibility – Our culture is insanely informal. As long as you maintain your autonomous A-Player status and meet your objectives – you will never be micromanaged.

💰 You’ll be part of a fast-growing online company, and learn how we use sales, advertising and marketing to grow. You will get to work with a thriving and talented marketing team and learn from them.

💰 It’s a very autonomous position. If you are self-motivated, you will love it. If you are not, it isn’t for you.

💰 Ultimately, you will grow, incredibly and incredibly fast, both personally and professionally. And as you do, so will we. 


A few other notes:

👉 This is a full-time position in Las Vegas, Nevada

👉 Age doesn’t matter – I’m more interested in qualities: humble, hungry, smart & driven.

👉 You have crazy strong desire to learn and grow.

👉 And you are fun to work with and be around


If that sounds pretty awesome to you then here’s what to do next…

All applications will go through a vetting process and be filtered through our hiring stages.  If you’re serious about this, pay close attention to the details, and show that you are driven and independent.

The next step is to fill out this application in detail. We love reading about our candidates, especially well written responses that show you put some care and thought into it. 

If you do it right you’ll get into round 2 with further instructions.

Good luck and I hope to talk to you soon!

– Todd

PS – If you’ve applied for a position similar to this one before with us, and would like to apply again, that’s awesome. Please follow the steps above again in order to be considered for this new role.