FREE eBook: Get Paid, Learn to Trade:
How to Win 75% of Your Stock
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FREE eBook: Get Paid, Learn to Trade: How to Win 75% of Your Stock Options Trades

How Did You Hear About
this eBook?

How Did You Hear About this eBook?

What You’ll Discover

Discover the tools you need for success that Todd has been using for the last 20 years to consistently win 75% of his trades.

Todd’s Real-Life “Secret” Mentor

When Todd discovered his mentor’s results, he knew he needed to do whatever it took to achieve those same exact results for himself:

If Todd did it, it most certainly is possible for you…and now you have the opportunity and can access insider knowledge.

Trade The System

Must-Have Tools

Most traders don’t have a real chance of succeeding because they are missing the proper tools and knowledge, just as Todd once was.

Access Todd’s free eBook, by clicking the blue button below now, to find out so you can start your journey to successful and effective trading.

Succeed Against All Odds

Whether you are brand new to trading or have been struggling, Todd reveals exactly what you need to know to be able to:

When you learn from the right mentor, who does exactly what they teach, your success becomes virtually guaranteed. Just like Todd once did…

Start Making Money

Get Paid, Learn To Trade

The Secrets

Simply click the blue button below now to access the free eBook, where Todd reveals his “journey down the mountain” from his “7-Figure Mentor.”

The Tools

Eliminate the hassle, complexity and the overwhelm out of the trading process with the right tools, 3 simple rules and only one monitor to view.

The Results

Our students love us because they love their results. With dedication, commitment and self-discipline, there is no limit on the results that are possible.

About Todd Rampe


In 20 years, Todd Rampe tried virtually every trading system under the sun.

While he had some success, he found himself glued to 6 computer monitors for 10 hours a day, making complicated, risky trades. Then one day he was hit by the ‘tech wreck.’ He lost one third of his wealth in one day, and the rest went down the drain the day after.

He was broke and began searching for a new way to trade where he could make consistent money … and still have most of the day to enjoy with his wife.

One day Todd found a special pattern in the way certain stocks move and was shocked to discover who was actually behind these movements.

Once he knew what ‘the big boys’ were doing, his trading suddenly became very consistent, predictable and fast. Todd has pioneered this simple trading method and founded Wealth Builders Institute. He has taught thousands of other novice and experienced traders to do this effectively and profitably.

Todd’s Simple Strategic Formula

Once you discover, learn and master this formula, you’ll realize that more effective trading opportunities are right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to:

Make Daily Trades

Daily trades, when done correctly with confidence, can yield 75% wins.

Simple Formula

Embracing these simple rules eliminates fear and analysis paralysis.

Only 5 Stocks

The only 5 stocks you’ll need to follow – and why this formula works.

The Smart Money

Who they are and what they do and how to not become a victim or a target.

Qualified Trade

Qualifying a trade is a crucial step in the trading process to avoid wrong trades.

A Proven Strategy

How to win 75% of your stock options trades on repeat every single day.

Zero Guesswork Trading

If our students can do it, so can you.

What’s in the eBook?

Discover how Todd helped Robert turn his $5,000 investment into $55,000 in a matter of 90 days. This is enough to change anyone’s life...and most likely yours too.

What makes it possible is having a solid and proven step-by-step plan and following it without attempting to outsmart the process.

With Todd’s initial success, he began to get careless with his trades and giving in to his pride, which quickly spiraled downward, causing him to lose over $400,000 in one week. Learn what not to do.


Real People Real Results

Our students are achieving unbelievable results.

"This week, I followed the rules and I made $1000 yesterday and $2300 today. "

Ok, I lost $5000 last week because I was stupid and did not follow the rules. This week, I followed the rules and I made $1000 yesterday and $2300 today. All from Apple stock.

Thank you, Todd. Trade like a robot. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Living God! I have it all recorded, and it can be proven!

Mark Cabigan

Las Vegas, NV

"This is definitely an amazing and simple system..."

After the class last week, Robert emphasized some points and showed live examples of those points that opened my eyes…

This is definitely an amazing and simple system, and the hardest part about it is my own brain and bad habits! 

Thanks Todd & Robert!

Brad Sudz

Milford, Michigan

First real trade and up 42%!

My entire purpose for signing up with WBI was the simplicity of the daily strategy. 

First real trade and up 42%! Albeit the last 20% was lucky dumb – it wasn’t luck I was in a very good trade though!

Three days of instruction, detailed notes, and follow the plan equals real money winners… which is the whole purpose!

Cody Bennett

North Dakota , ND

Our Proven Approach
Allows Consistent Gains

Our Proven Approach Allows Consistent Gains

Real traders take action. They won’t get caught up in the paralysis from analysis. They don’t need a huge account to make money. They can make wise choices with their money and do well for themselves by staying objective and following a plan.

The best traders are able to disassociate themselves from the money. They can separate themselves from the emotion of trading, in order to make conscious, accurate trades. And this is so much easier to do when you’re following a proven system that gives you simple, clear, step-by-step indicators on when you should enter and exit a trade.

Do not make another trade without confidence.


Years of Experience


Traders Helped


Winning Trades


Community Members

The 100-Trade Rule

What is this rule and why must you know it and stick to it?

Read a lesson from an older wise gentleman who got real stern with Todd, and gave him a life lesson that Todd now gives to his students.

Not knowing this lesson and ignoring the 100-trade rule can set you down the wrong path.

On the other hand, understanding it and knowing the process opens up the highest paying opportunity for anyone desiring to learn and live life on their own terms.


What Our Students Are Saying

Check out these reviews from Todd Rampe’s students…

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